Course Description

This is a design-build course for full-scale projects in wood, metal, and other materials to be designed and constructed by students working in teams in consultation with faculty. The course explores drawing, modeling, fabrication and assembly of full-scale architectural projects utilizing manual and computer controlled tools.


Every year Cal Poly San Luis Obispo hosts the Design Village – a competition for students working in teams to design, build, transport and assemble a structure that they have designed in Poly Canyon, a natural setting approximately one mile from the Cal Poly campus.  All projects must be transported in by hand (no carts or wheeled vehicles are allowed unless they are part of the design).  Students then sleep for two nights in their structure.  The event includes barbeques, music for Design Village participants and an open house for all departments on the Cal Poly Campus.  A large number of visiting schools from California, and at times from around the United States take part in the Design Village project.

Design Village 2013