Course Description

This course is a third-level studio design class continuing the study of architectural design. It focuses on the application of advanced design skills and spatial theories to projects of greater architectural complexity. It includes design problems and projects incorporate advanced concepts of site planning, urban design, integration of structural and mechanical systems, programming and circulation.


The course is a capstone course intended for students at their final semester of design studio work completing their AS Degree in Architecture Design.  This course is not required for transfer to UC Berkeley but can be used as advanced portfolio material or as a transferable class to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo or other five year accredited architecture schools.

Each semester the studio covers the design of high-rise buildings in San Francisco located around the Transbay Terminal and the broader context of the San Francisco urban region.

The class curriculum covers urban planning, zoning, engineering, architectural design, programming, circulation systems and life safety, building envelope and mechanical systems.  Several field trips to San Francisco are incorporated into the course as well as a series of visiting architects, engineers and city planners who will give presentations and design reviews during the semester.